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About Lisa

Lisa Tsiropoulos is a modern abstract artist whose work is described as vibrant, textural, and innovative. 

Lisa splits her time between Texas and Florida.  Although, she is native to Canada. That is where she began her career as an Interior Designer. She loves to create something beautiful in any space.  

Lisa’s passions are painting and traveling.  She loves colors and textures and uses several mediums. She typically uses brushes, palate knives, and her hands.  She applied her interior design experience and love of painting, to her artwork.

Lisa loves the solitude of her studio. It provides her with peace and innovation. She becomes so engrossed in a new project, that often many hours of the day are lost... and she finds herself coming up for air in the evening. 

Lisa enjoys experimenting with bold colors, angles, creating 3D dimensional pieces, and using resin.  Her artwork is timeless and will be enjoyed for years. She believes that color can brighten any mood and change a mindset.  

Her artwork is currently in homes and businesses in Canada and the United States.  

In the future, Lisa plans to travel even more extensively to seek further inspiration for her artwork.

‘Every day be inspired by something beautiful that awakens your heart, brightens your smile, and gives you a moment of bliss.’
- Lisa Tsiropoulos 
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